On June 8th, the Audit Chamber of the Republic of Armenia and the Swedish National Audit Office agreed to engage in a bilateral development project until the end of 2023. The engagement aims to support the Audit Chamber’s ambition to be an independent Supreme Audit Institution working in line with the internationally recognized principles and standards for public audit institutions.

The Swedish National Audit Office will support the Audit Chamber with technical assistance to improve the professional and organizational capacity. The project will mainly focus on the establishment of performance audit as an audit profession and to enhance the impact of the audit work among important stakeholders.

“We highly appreciate the valuable initiative of the Swedish National Audit Office to support the strategic development of the Audit Chamber of Armenia. I want to reaffirm our readiness to do our utmost to eventually form a more influential institution bound to internationally accepted standards and practices”, says Levon Yolyan, Chairman of the Audit Chamber of Armenia.

“We are very pleased to initiate this partnership with the Audit Chamber of Armenia. I believe it is a great way to support the Audit Chamber in its ambitious development process. The pandemic has created new challenges for our societies, and the role of independent Supreme Audit Institutions is as important as ever before”, says Helena Lindberg, Auditor General of the Swedish National Audit Office.

The Swedish National Audit Office has supported the development of Supreme Audit Institutions for many years through bilateral and regional cooperation projects. The aim of the international development co-operation is to help build stronger audit institutions in developing countries, to enable these organizations carry out their audits in accordance with internationally accepted standards.


Tuesday, June 8, 2021